Digitization in the Logistics Industry… Are we ready?


Interactive Discussion with Danushka Jayasinghe, Lead Sales & Marketing at ITX360, a member of Expolanka Holdings

The supply chain is rapidly evolving!


3-D printing, implantable technology, connected homes, automated workers, wearable devices,

driverless cars and smart cities will likely reach critical mass in the mid-2020s. Macro-economic

changes and shifts in trade patterns around the world. They provide opportunities as well as


How does logistics industry adapt to these changing market conditions? 

An interactive and very informative session was conducted by Mr. Danushka Jayasinghe on 24th May 2017 at the Kingsbury Hotel, where he focused on cutting-edge issues such as digitalization, augmented reality, automation, big data, traceability, sustainability, cloud platforms, Iot etc. 

Mr. Jayasuriya is a supply chain expert, technology thought leader and an experienced marketer with over 13 years of experience in logistics, supply chain and technology industry. 




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