SLFFA Cargo Services Limited

SLFFA Cargo Services Ltd is a public unquoted company with limited liability, incorporated in Sri Lanka on 15th August 1994 and is solely owned by the Freight Forwarding fraternity of Sri Lanka. Its air cargo operation at the Bandaranaike International Airport is unique in Asia and the Far-East. The Company was established by the Freight Forwarding fraternity, to provide a speedy, safe and efficient service for the benefit of their customers, “The Consignees”. 

The Company, which was formed under the Company Act No. 17 of 1982, has served the industry for over 25 yrs. Its principal activity continues to be facilitating the smooth flow of import cargo brought by air in to the country. The delivery of cargo averages 25 metric tons per day. We service large scale garments manufacturers and other leading importers to handle their cargo through our 25,000 square foot terminal based on the quality of personalized service we provide. Our customer base consists of over  75 leading forwarding agents in the country and over 300 consignees representing many trade sectors. 

The main activity has been the facilitation of cargo received by Air in bulk, to ensure speed and efficiency in issue to consignees. It has been the objective of the Company to meet the ICAO “Recommended practice” of processing cargo through the terminal within a maximum period of 4 hours from the time of receipt of cargo by air, thereby minimizing cargo delivery time at the airport.

The Company has a proven track record of accuracy and efficiency in the release of goods, appreciated by satisfied customers. Several free trade organizations, particularly those importing textiles to manufacture garments, have found our facility useful. The Company system of receipt and delivery of cargo operate in a “state of the art” web based environment.

We work towards the ICAO goal of quick release of all cargo at airports and the imperatives of tariff revision together with providing the consignee with more value added services is our focus. 

In 2013, SLFFA Cargo Services Ltd and its partners, Cargo Community Network (CCN) launched their flagship product CCNhub in Sri Lanka,  a secure and carrier neutral portal that offers a comprehensive range of electronic cargo services to the air cargo community. It provides cost savings for the industry as CCNhub offers freight forwarders, an effective and efficient electronic way of making allotment and free sales bookings, review flight schedules, track and trace shipments, distribution of neutral air waybills, as well as e-invoicing and payment. The adoption of e-services to handle daily cargo operations, raises the service standard of the cargo industry. 

Whilst it augurs well for business to grow in the coming years  and we continue to remain the only alternative import cargo handling facility AIRSIDE at Bandaranaike International Airport having the capability to provide VALUE ADDED SERVICES.

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