ANA swaps order of some widebody pax to freighters


ANA Holdings has reached an agreement with Boeing to convert two orders for the Boeing 777-9 aircraft to Boeing 777-8F cargo aircraft at a director board meeting yesterday, 11 July 2022.

The Japanese airline said the move reflects its plans to further expand its cargo business by securing large freighters and to replace its fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft. The deal includes two of the 20 Boeing 777-9 aircraft that had been initially announced on 27 March 2014. With the swap, ANA will now have 18 Boeing 777-9 aircraft and two 777-8F on its order book. 

At the same board meeting, ANA confirmed its purchase of Boeing 737-8 aircraft (20 confirmed and 10 optional), previously announced in 2019, which are scheduled to be introduced starting fiscal 2025.